Patient Assistance Programs

The Kidney Foundation of Ohio offers financial assistance of medication, medical transportation reimbursement and emergency grant funding to address the financial needs of people with kidney disease to help improve compliance. Programs are free of charge.

    Program Eligibility Requirements

    • Lives within Foundation service area
    • Diagnosed with kidney disease
    • Demonstrates financial need (follow U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines)

 To apply for Direct Assistance, complete the Assistance Application. Social workers who work in dialysis and transplant centers within the Foundation service have the application on file.  For more information, contact the Program Department to speak with a staff member. Below is a detailed list of the three financial assistance programs.

Medication Assistance

The Medication Assistance Program provides financial aid to help individuals purchase medications. Approved program participants receive $100 per quarter (up to $400/year) to purchase medications through an approved pharmacy. Priority is given to people who have no other form of assistance, such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. The Kidney Foundation of Ohio also works with pharmaceutical companies who offer direct drug vouchers or discount purchase programs.

Medical Transportation Assistance

The Medical Transportation Reimbursement Assistance program provides financial aid to people who need help paying for safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to and from dialysis or transplant appointments. Approved applicants must travel a minimum of 20 miles round-trip to dialysis or transplant appointments. Priority is given to patients who travel long distances. The maximum reimbursement is $35.00 per month. The Kidney Foundation of Ohio does not provide or have the means to provide transportation for dialysis or transplant appointments.

Emergency Grant Assistance 

Kidney disease can be financially devastating. To help lessen the financial burden, a $100 emergency grant, available once a year, is issued to patients when no other assistance was available. The grant is used when the emergency has impacted the patient's life. Unexpected high utility bills, auto repairs, and medical supplies are often situations where emergency grants are awarded.

A.S.K. Program (Assist, Support, Konnect)
Do you or a loved one have kidney disease?  Do you need to talk to someone? You are not alone.  The Kidney Foundation of Ohio helps individuals and families just like you.  Here's how we can help:

  • A: Assisting
  • S: Supporting
  • K: for Connecting

The Foundation currently provides information and referrals, financial assistance for medication, transportation and limited emergencies, supportive counseling and problem solving, as well as quarterly patient and family member meetings. Click here for a program brochure with more details.

ID Tags
If a kidney patient should need emergency treatment, it is important that certain precautions be taken.  The Kidney Foundation of Ohio provides personalized medical alert tags, free of charge.  The laminated tags on a chain include a patient's name, treatment type, doctor's name and telephone number, allergies and unusual medical conditions.  Individuals with End-Stage Renal Disease may apply for the ID Tags through the electronic application form or by filling out an application and mailing into the Kidney Foundation of Ohio. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Awards are given to kidney patients or immediate family members who demonstrate financial need and a desire to attend a college or training program. The Kidney Foundation of Ohio, in conjunction with Cleveland Nephrology Foundation and the James Roseboro Memorial Fund, provide scholarships to students. The program seeks to enhance the lives of individuals through education and personal success. The application process is closed for 2014. Check back in January for the 2015 application.


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